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Investment Opportunities - Places

The Best of the Provinces

Provincial governments across Canada are pulling out all the stops to create environments where international investments are a clear win-win. What sounds interesting to you? You can choose from Oil & gas in Alberta to Potash in Saskatchewan to Film & TV in Nova Scotia…the list goes on!

EVP talks to leaders at government agencies across Canada to discuss favorable regulatory environments for investors and promising industries on the rise:

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Business Inc.

“We also look to attract and grow high-value investments from the US market into Canada in sectors such as financial services, ICT, ocean technology, aerospace and defense and I would say, creative industries. We have a strong and vibrant film industry here. We are very pleased that Nova Scotia Business Inc. has the responsibility for the film and television incentive fund in the province and we have seen a number of really amazing film and television productions establish themselves here in Nova Scotia.”
Laurel Broten, President & CEO


City of Montreal

“This is a great land of startups. Montreal is the third most important city in the world for the gaming, video games and multimedia. We have also focused on life science, green tech, financial-tech, and transport. Regarding transport, the port in Montreal is one of the biggest and most important in the East Coast of North America. Because of our geography, we're also linked with Europe and Montreal is Europe in the Americas. It’s all about R & D, it’s all about innovation, it’s all about the ability to personalize your product. There are no more boundaries.”
Denis Coderre, City Mayor


Invest in Alberta

Alberta attracts the highest level of private investment in Canada (per capita investment in Alberta today is more than double the national average). This year, investment in Alberta is expected to reach record highs of $38B in non-oil and gas, $21B in capital investment in manufacturing and service, $11B in public investment and $28B in oil and gas. Alberta’s government has put together a comprehensive investment attraction plan which includes a petrochemical diversification program, Alberta Investor tax Credits, Capital Investment Tax Credits, a Small Business Tax cut, a Headquarters and major investment attraction program and more.


Ontario Investment & Trade Centre

“We work extensively with US firms that want to enter the Canadian market, ensuring they take advantage of the various incentives of doing business in Ontario and connecting them with professional resources to make sure they get good advice and are compliant with Canadian regulations.”
Roshan Mohan, Director, Business Engagement Branch


Saskatchewan Department of Mineral Policy

“Saskatchewan prides itself on having a very positive investment climate throughout the province. We continually review our taxation and royalty systems to ensure that we remain competitive. US investment is a very important driver for the growth of our potash industry.”
Cory Hughes, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Department of Mineral Policy

British Columbia

Vancouver Economic Commission

While Vancouver has enjoyed a resource-driven economy thanks to all of the natural resources in British Columbia, in recent years Vancouver has become a growing hub for startups and new technologies. Vancouver is the 2nd most competitive city in the world in terms of business taxes and agencies like the Vancouver Economic Commission provide assistance with hiring the best talent, acquiring venture capital, and advising investors on how to best utilize Vancouver’s unique economic environment.