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Investment Opportunities - Companies

Canada’s Top Industries

Canada is known among investors for economic stability, global market access, a thriving workforce, the best in tax benefits and more. EVP spoke with the following stock listed and private companies that have been pushing their teams to new limits in order to provide investors valuable opportunities within the already favorable backdrop of Canada.

From international corporations thriving in Canada to Canada’s latest innovators, we recommend taking a closer look.


Points International
“For investors, this model is interesting as the growth of the loyalty currency market is endless. Points has been experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 12% in gross profit over the past 5 years, and continues to anticipate strong growth into the future.”
Rob MacLean, CEO & President
Schneider Electric
“We refer to [our products & solutions] as Innovation at Every Level. It harnesses the power and promise of the Internet of Things to reshape cities, transform industries, and enrich lives through connected products, edge control, apps, analytics, and services. We're quite active in the community of technology in the country and I think we have a proven track record of identifying [great acquisition prospects]. Most importantly, I think we have a good proven track record of scaling those businesses.”
Juan E. Macias, President
Questor Technology
Questor technology is an international environmental oilfield services company with revenue growth over 700% over the last 6 years and positive cash flow which has been internally financed. Questor Technology is recognized as a leader in the safe and efficient combustion of H2S, which will continue to provide growth potential.
Thermal Energy International
“We are a global provider of energy efficiency solutions to our North American and European customers and we exist because we save them money and improve their bottom line by reduce their fuel use and cutting their carbon emissions.”
William Crossland, President and CEO
As a national telecommunications company based in Vancouver, TELUS is often at the forefront of innovation in products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television. TELUS provides investors excellent long term growth potential by continuing to focus on customer service, enhancing broadband and fiber-optic networks, and continuing to optimize operational efficiency.

Real Estate

Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust is a leading developer of urban office environments that offer a unique value proposition for business tenants operating in Canada’s major markets. “A remarkable 81% of Canadians live in an urban environment and this demographic stability is appealing to global investors who view Canada as a bit of a safe harbor in a disrupted world.”
Michael Emory, President & CEO

Food & Beverage

“Since going public in 1997, Saputo has grown to an $11 billion company, most of which has come through strategic acquisition, but much of which can also be attributed to Saputo’s ability to extract value. “We’re very innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial. Consequently, we can produce a high-quality product at a lower cost than most of our competitors.”
Lino Saputo, CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board

Precious Minerals

“Through a recent down market in the mining sector, we had sufficient funds to execute on our strategy and permit our asset at a time that was deemed challenging for the sector. We look to further advance the value of our asset, at a minimal spend rate for our investors.”
Melanie Hennessey, Executive Communications & Marketing and Leadership Expert
Pan American Silver Corp
“We are primarily silver producer, 50% of revenue come from silver with a market cap of 2.5 billion US. Our team is recognized for management experience, managing mining, builders and operators, all who are involved in bringing projects into operation. We know that commodities and prices are cyclical. We are very disciplined in managing low debt in balance sheet, we have almost no debt on our balance sheet - that’s the way we’ve run the company since its inception.”
Siren Fisekci, Vice President
Silver Standard Resources Inc.
Currently operating three precious metal mines, Silver Standard Resources will continue to focus on mine life extension and exploratory discovery. The company boasts a great balance sheet for growth with $341M in cash and $191M in marketable securities and a management team which has exceeded guidance for more than 5 years in a row.

Oil & Gas

Calfrac Well Services
“The company has demonstrated throughout the years of existence that we have excellence performance better than the peers. If there is something that we have done continuously, is investing in the company and positioning the company for the future where the shareholder will get the return that they expect from companies like our. We are planning to expand in additional geographical areas.”
Fernando Aguilar, President & CEO

Private Companies poised for growth:

SRK Consulting Limited

“Investing in mining assets has always been viewed by the financial community as a risky business, part of that is because of the volatility of metals prices. It is important to note, however, that many financial people are not connected enough to the actual operations.The better we can make a connection with risk, the better the financial institution will understand whether this is a viable property to invest in.”
Dr. John Tinucci, President of SRK US

“We own and operate one of the top loyalty programs in the country with more than 14,000 partner locations. From everything from big brands that you would recognize like Shell, Metro, all the way to small and medium sized businesses across the country. You can talk a little bit about the presence and the number of redemptions. A card is swiped 12 times a second, every second of every day. On top of that, because of the brand, loyalty operation and what we do with our analytics operation, Asia, and Europe are also very important markets to us. We have a large number of customers that we serve in those markets, and they've both been very important to the brand loyalty business and increasingly important to other businesses within LoyaltyOne.”
Bryan Pearson, President and CEO
Mattamy Homes

“We're the largest home builder in Canada. We've built over 75,000 homes and we're the largest privately held home builder in all of North America. That allows us to operate differently than the publics. We take a longer term view. If we don't produce revenue from an asset for two or three or four years, we're very okay with that as long as it's the right asset and we're planning to do the right things with it. This way, eventually we'll get great value to the customers, a great return to the company and we'll get more than our share of business because we've actually done something you really like.”
Peter Gilgan, Founder and CEO
Macdonald Real Estate Group

“Macdonald has been around or 17+ years. For commercial real estate investors, we can provide insight and support on projects, property management, property marketing and leasing.”
Dan Scarrow, Vice President
Calgary Scientific

“[Our] growth potential is virtually boundless... because we were so early with this technology we have such a head start to recognize our potential and apply our technology to other industries.”
Dave Waldrop, Chief Revenue Officer

“WatrHub is a data and analytics company that delivers market intelligence for the water industry by tackling large scale data analysis in water and utilities. “We realized that a lot of the information is actually available, but it's just buried in millions and millions of public documents in thousands of different databases. It's basically an impossible task to do manually—but we can now train software to analyze and read public documents. There are a lot of transactions to be done— a lot of major purchase decisions to be made.”
Ahmed Badruddin, CEO & Co-founder