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Doing Business in Canada - Corporate Resources

HR, Legal and Financial Services Support for Moving Your Business to or Starting a New Venture in Canada

Canada is the 10th best country in the world to do business, according to Forbes. Trade freedom, investor protection, the best in tax incentives, and a booming economy point to part of the success. EVP talks to top executives in Canada to learn more about why.

Human Resources

Canada has one of the most educated workforces in the world. Here, industry leaders talk about hiring top talent:


HRdownloads solutions are really a full circle of helping people with not just the content, not just the advice, not just the training or the service, but a full holistic feedback system that supports retention and talent acquisition. It really helps you grow your business.
Tony Boyle, Founder
Robert Half

Every client’s situation is different, so we sit down one-on-one with them and make sure we listen carefully. We then address each client’s need with a customized staffing solution. These can range from placing a single skilled professional, to providing specialized consultants for large-scale initiatives, to even recruiting a critical C-Suite leader.
Koula Vasilopoulos, District President, Robert Half

Law Firms

Local experts talk about navigating Canada’s legal landscape:


We make business opportunities seamless for American investors in Québec. That's our motto. You're going to feel like you're operating in the US, but with nice advantages like low corporate tax rates and a very strong workforce.
André Ryans, Head of BCF Litigation

International companies will save cost and gain unique local insights by hiring local Canadian counsel as they navigate the nuanced Canadian IP bar. You take advantage of the beneficial exchange rates, plus with PCK, our automated process for patent applications means our projects run very lean.
Andrew Currier, Co-founder of PCK IP
Stikeman Elliott

If you are going to invest in Canada, you'd like to know that there's going to be a relatively unrestrictive flow of goods and people to support that investment.
Kenneth Ottenbreit, Managing Principal of the Stikeman Elliott, New York

Financial Services

Financial institutions foster growth via lending and advice:

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Entrepreneurs need access to financing, but another big impediment for their growth is access to ideas—access to new capabilities which is what our consulting organization provides. We bring together lending, investing, and advice to help small businesses succeed and grow in Canada.
Michael Denham, President and CEO
Export Development Canada (EDC)

For US companies who are buyers of Canadian capital goods, EDC is very interested in supporting their acquisition of Canadian goods—buyer financing is something we do frequently to create capacity. We are a source of patient, reliable, stable capital.
Mairead Lavery, EDC Senior Vice President

“We spend 15 to 20 hours helping [new entrepreneurs] develop a strong business plan and we loan them up to $45,000 in non-collateral financing. The combination of a strong business plan, financing, and a mentor, gives them a really solid start.”
Julia Deans, CEO

Meetings & Events

Watkins Research Group ranked Vancouver the top convention city in Canada, and the second in North America:

Tourism Vancouver

We host hundreds of events in [Vancouver] every year on a large scale; for corporate customers, international trade associations and trade associations from the US or Canada. We have a fabulous convention center to do that. It was built largely with the Olympics of 2010 in mind. It's lead-platinum certified so it's an enormously sustainable center with views over the water and the mountains. We also have a campus environment for people that want to host major events and conventions. It's very walkable, beautiful. Services are first class. We have recently been rated the number one convention center in North America.
Ty Speer, President & CEO, Tourism Vancouver
Hotel Association of Canada

Members of the Hotel Association of Canada include the whole spectrum—from small, independent hotels located in communities across Canada, to the large branded hotels and resorts, and everything in between. “The hotel model offers an unparalleled guest experience. Whether you stay in a luxury brand that is one step ahead of your every need, or an economy hotel that delivers quick, reliable service, hotels specialize in creating a trusted, predictable guest experience that exceeds expectations.”
Susie Grynol, President of the Hotel Association of Canada