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Invest in Canada

A highly stable economic and political climate coupled with one of the world’s highest qualities of living is turning investors' heads worldwide. Through CETA, Canada has favorable trade access to both NAFTA and the EU.

Data Evolution

Big Data: Driving Business Decisions in Canada


Cultivating Canada’s Culture of Innovation

Investment Opportunities - Places

The Best of the Provinces

Natural Resources

Canada's Natural Resource Exports Recover, Expand and Invest in the Future

Real Estate

Planning for the "Cities of the Future"

City of Montreal

"Here You Can Be Equal and Different at the Same Time"

“For the 375th anniversary celebration of Montreal, we are sending a strong message that this is a city in transformation,” said the honorable Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal. “You will have a great place to connect, to work, and to live because here you can be equal and different at the same time...

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Dynamic Air Shelters

Shelters that Rise to the Challenge

When world-renowned hot air balloonist Harold Warner, founded Dynamic Air Shelters in 2000, he definitely set his sights high. Over the last 16 years, the company developed into a leader in the design and construction of lightweight, versatile, inflatable structures...

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Invest in Alberta

Invest in the Future

Alberta leads Canada in GDP growth, employment, and in the increase of exports and investments. The per capita private investment in the region doubles the national average. Low corporate and personal taxes and innovative business initiatives make Alberta one of the most attractive locations for investments in all of North America...

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Innovating Customer Loyalty

LoyaltyOne leverages data-driven insights to develop and operate some of the world’s most effective loyalty programs and solutions. Providing research and consulting for loyalty and marketing programs across North America and in global markets, LoyaltyOne is also the owner and operator of the AIR MILES Reward Program—Canada’s largest coalition loyalty program...

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Mattamy Homes

The New Standard of Property Development

The family is the center of a home, and with 90,000 homes sold across the continent, Mattamy Homes operates with a vision that sets the company apart. Working with landowners, the company develops fully planned communities that encourage thriving neighborhoods that are good for the homeowners and provide exceptional return on investment...

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Nova Scotia Business Inc.

At Top-shelf Environment for Work/Life Balance

Nova Scotia, Canada is the leading nearshore jurisdiction in North America across a number of high-growth industries. Nova Scotia Business Inc. helps international firms make the most of the opportunities the province has to offer.

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Points International

Invest in Their Stock or Work There? Maybe both.

In the early days of Expedia and Orbitz as the go-to for travel “deals,” Rob MacLean was thinking next level when it came to the travel industry. Then VP of Sales with responsibility for the Frequent Flyer Program at Canadian Airlines, MacLean noticed in the late 90’s that while there was interest, consumers had no option to trade or sell their points...

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Saputo Dairy Products Canada

Family Values at the Wheel, Emerging Markets on the Horizon

Founded by Italian immigrant Giuseppe Saputo as a cheese making company in 1954, Montreal-based Saputo, Inc. is now one of the top ten dairy companies in the world. While the company’s significant growth is attributed to a robust acquisition strategy, CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board, Lino A. Saputo, Jr., also highlighted the strong sense of family that contributed to Saputo’s success through the years...

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Saskatchewan, Canada

Province Exports Reaching $9.8 billion USD to the United States

With political stability and positive relationships with its US neighboring states, the province of Saskatchewan offers attractive international partnerships and investment opportunities. The Ministry of the Economy plays a leading role in supporting the province’s economic growth, both internally and internationally, while Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership supports international trade— most notably with the United States...

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Schneider Electric Canada

Driving Canada's Sustainable Energy Innovation

For three-quarters of a century, Schneider Electric has been developing technologies and solutions that manage and process energy safely, reliably, and efficiently. Automation solutions, safety system controls, and pipeline management software are just a few things that have been developed over the years to make significant advancements in the area of sustainability, a strong focus for Schneider Electric in Canada—and globally...

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Looking out for Communities, Sustainability, and Efficient Operations

Total is committed to Canada—from providing the oil in motorsports performance vehicles to supporting the development of the country’s oil sands resources. Total Lubricants and Total E&P are a major force behind that work...

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Vancouver Economic Commission

Supporting the Silicon Valley of Canada

While Silicon Valley has a shining reputation for being an incubator for startups and new technology, Vancouver’s growth in the last few years has it contending for similar recognition, while nurturing its own uniqueness and competitive advantages...

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Where Efficiency and Smart Decision-making Merge

Five years after its strategic founding as a startup tackling large-scale data analysis in water and utilities, WatrHub is making a name for itself as “the Bloomberg Terminal for water.” Founded by two entrepreneurial Canadians who left Microsoft, the company took on the challenge of untangling years of public utilities data to “find meaning and create an impact on the world...”

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