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Canada currently ranks as the the 5th largest global high-tech sector and the 12th most innovative country in the world according to Bloomberg’s 2015 Innovation Index. The country welcomes startups with the lowest business launch costs among the Group of Seven forum for highly industrialized democracies.


Canada’s Cleantech Industry Tackles Challenges from Energy to Agriculture

Data Evolution

Big Data: Driving Business Decisions in Canada

Engineering Excellence

Canada Emerges as an Engineering Innovator

Healthcare Innovation

A Century of Canadian Medical Research

Human Resources

Putting the Human Back in Human Resources


Cultivating Canada’s Culture of Innovation

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Canada

Creating Win-wins Across the Board

More than 100,000 Canadians owe their livelihood to the business of consulting engineering. The gross revenues of such firms contribute more than $28.4 billion to the Canadian economy every year and the industry boasts an increasing number of engineering firms that are able to compete successfully at the international level, making Canada the second-largest exporter of engineering services in the world...

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Let Québec’s Business Law Specialists Do the Networking for You

In just over 22 years, BCF Business Law has grown from an enterprising team of nine people into one of Québec’s top five law firms. Consisting of more than 200 lawyers, trademark agents, and patent agents, the firm maintains close ties with Canadian and international banks, accounting firms, investors, venture capital funds, private equity funds and public servants, enabling the firm to seek top counsel for its clients...

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So Much More Than Two-way Messaging

Since its inception in Waterloo, Ontario in 1984, BlackBerry has been synonymous with innovation. From the company’s beginning in two-way messaging to its current focus on providing mobile-native security software and services dedicated to secure the Enterprise of Things, BlackBerry seeks to be a leading technology visionary in Canada and globally...

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On Trend: Benefiting Society, Environment, and Economy

CH2M leads the professional services industry delivering sustainable solutions benefiting societal, environmental and economic outcomes with the development of infrastructure and industry. In this way, CH2Mers make a positive difference providing consulting, design, engineering and management services for clients in water; environment and nuclear; transportation; energy and industrial markets, from iconic infrastructure to global programs like the Olympic Games...

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Council of Canadian Innovators

Legendary Canadian Entrepreneurs Championing the ICT Sector

“In today’s globalized economy, Canadian firms looking to scale-up globally face steep competition from abroad for the talent, capital and customers they need to grow and reach new markets,” stated Executive Director of the Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI), Ben Bergen. CCI, a business council of 70 tech CEOs, was formed to help Canadian-based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies scale up globally by advocating for greater access to talent, capital, and customers for domestic innovation firms.

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Creation Technologies

In It for the Long Haul

What happens when small business have a great idea for new technology? How do concepts move from design to distribution? Creation Technologies LP offers a partnership outsourcing model, working closely with startups to medium-sized businesses to make innovations a marketable reality...

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Digital Nova Scotia

Driving the ICT Sector to New Heights

With Canada’s highest number of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) graduates per capita and a thriving startup scene, the small Atlantic province of Nova Scotia is making waves. Technology is changing industries from healthcare to fisheries, and one non-profit organization is helping to strengthen this digital community of entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses...

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Dynamic Air Shelters

Shelters that Rise to the Challenge

When world-renowned hot air balloonist Harold Warner, founded Dynamic Air Shelters in 2000, he definitely set his sights high. Over the last 16 years, the company developed into a leader in the design and construction of lightweight, versatile, inflatable structures...

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GE Customer Innovation Center

Linking Entrepreneurial Innovation with Corporate Resources

With industrial sectors expanding and new challenges arising across vectors, stagnation is the enemy of any business looking to stay relevant. To that end, GE Canada’s Customer Innovation Centre has started combining its experience with the fresh perspectives of its startup partners to solve industry challenges...

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Haskayne School of Business

Where the Next Generation of Leaders Go to Thrive

Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to follow the path to success goes beyond teaching strategies and skills in a classroom. It’s about fostering a community of ethical leadership and advancement of the triple bottom line—economic development, social well-being, and environmental stewardship...

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Addressing the Achilles Heel of Most Businesses

Tony Boyle learned that the success of a business depends on the morale and motivation of its people, and that starts with refined and holistic employment and human resources (HR). As a technology manager, Boyle was searching for this new frontier of HR information online, and when he couldn’t find it, he came up with a solution: becoming an innovator in the online HR training space...

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Igloo Software

The Future of Work

Amidst the early days of the digital workplace revolution, Dan Latendre, Founder and CEO of Igloo Software, understood the future of work would continue moving towards a distributed, fluid, and mobile workforce. Moreover, Latendre understood several other trends were in play that were impacting the future of work, including the changing demographic of a multi-generational workforce and the integration of applications used to get work done...

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Invest in Alberta

Invest in the Future

Alberta leads Canada in GDP growth, employment, and in the increase of exports and investments. The per capita private investment in the region doubles the national average. Low corporate and personal taxes and innovative business initiatives make Alberta one of the most attractive locations for investments in all of North America...

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Creating Safe Solutions to Complex Problems

Founded in 1980, JENSEN HUGHES is a global leader in fire protection and safety engineering with a reputation for unparalleled technical expertise in a wide range of industries from industrial hazards to transportation. Collaborating with project stakeholders, construction companies and architectural firms, JENSEN HUGHES offers safety-related consulting services in all phases of a project lifecycle, from design to construction...

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KDM Analytics - Cyber Security

Putting the Kibosh on Cybersecurity Threats

Djenana Campara, a 20-year cybersecurity innovator and founder of KDM Analytics, is one of Canada’s driving influencers in cyber risk analysis and products for private and government sectors. Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are also included in KDM Analytics’ impressive client list, demonstrating how the company has become a trusted force in the industry...

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For This Multi-industry Global Leader, Sky's the Limit

Known by individual consumers for its top-of-the-line camera and audio equipment, Olympus Corporation is well regarded by customers and specialists as a world leader in the development of medical and scientific technology, a reputation it has upheld since its founding nearly 100 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. In Canada, Olympus continues its tradition of pursuing excellence across its wide diversity of products...

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Schneider Electric Canada

Driving Canada's Sustainable Energy Innovation

For three-quarters of a century, Schneider Electric has been developing technologies and solutions that manage and process energy safely, reliably, and efficiently. Automation solutions, safety system controls, and pipeline management software are just a few things that have been developed over the years to make significant advancements in the area of sustainability, a strong focus for Schneider Electric in Canada—and globally...

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Simon Fraser Beedie School of Business

Priming Emerging Leaders for Success

In recent years Simon Fraser University (SFU), with its world-class research activity and wide range of teaching programs, has topped rankings as Canada’s leading comprehensive university. With campuses in British Columbia’s three largest cities—Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey—SFU offers an inclusive environment with close ties to these diverse communities on Canada’s stunning West Coast...

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Putting Secure and Reliable Communications Solutions into Orbit

Satellite communications have been connecting continents since the 1960s and today are at the center of TV distribution, internet access, broadband to ships and planes, and a host of other services. In fact, nearly all TV programming in the US, Canada, and worldwide is carried by just a few hundred satellites orbiting above the earth...

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Improving Lives Worldwide

Every day, thousands of people in Canada and worldwide rely on medical products manufactured by Valeant Canada—the largest health care companies in Canada according to the Financial Post Top 500 Canadian Corporations review issued in June 2017...

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