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Schneider Electric Canada

Driving Canada’s Sustainable Energy Innovation

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    “We are well recognized around the world for what we do in the area of sustainability—microgrids, solar generation, storage, and everything involved in innovating and deploying a decentralized grid.”
    Juan E. Macias, President

Schneider Electric has established five global R&D centers in Canada

For three-quarters of a century, Schneider Electric has been developing technologies and solutions that manage and process energy safely, reliably, and efficiently. Automation solutions, safety system controls, and pipeline management software are just a few things that have been developed over the years to make significant advancements in the area of sustainability, a strong focus for Schneider Electric in Canada—and globally.

Today the company has five global Research & Development centers in Canada, delivering products and solutions to its country organizations around the world. With nearly 500 engineers driving innovation, Schneider Electric harnesses the latest technology to deliver data-driven solutions.

“Our platform of energy measurement and monitoring is a flagship, world-leading product line,” noted President of Schneider Electric Canada, Juan Macias.

Data-driven Software Solutions

Solutions, like Schneider Electric’s new EcoStruxure software platform, allow customers to not only automate processes, but to make decisions based on real-time data and run their businesses more efficiently.

“We’re focused on a variety of products, solutions, and software applications that have been helping our customers improve the reliability and efficiency of their systems. This enables a very connected environment that is both secure and sustainable,” explained Macias. “We refer to this as Innovation at Every Level. It harnesses the power and promise of the Internet of Things to reshape cities, transform industries, and enrich lives through connected products, edge control, apps, analytics, and services.”

Schneider Electric delivers innovation at every level through EcoStruxure, its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled system architecture and platform.

“Over the past 11 years, we have undertaken a series of big bets to transform from an industrial conglomerate to a software and technology provider,” said Macias. “From the acquisition of APC in 2006 to the acquisition of industrial software leader Invensys in 2014, we’ve been on a decade-long trajectory to better serve a world undergoing a major energy transformation. With a great deal of our transformation to a technology company complete, we are now at an inflection point for the business and are executing a long-term growth strategy to take us to the next level. EcoStuxure is at the core of that strategy.”

To expand its value offerings to customers, Schneider Electric is always looking for new business acquisition opportunities and continues to focus on IoT with a special interest in companies with value-added algorithms using big data to create software solutions. The company has a reputation for acquiring innovative new businesses and scaling them, often internationally.

Sustainability and the Canadian Advantage

Schneider Electric is a pure player in energy transition technologies, with sustainability at the heart of its strategy.

As the global specialist in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric brings together expertise and solutions for customers to make sure that energy is safe, reliable, efficient, connected, and sustainable. Its mission is to make sure that Life is On for everyone, everywhere, and at every moment with its technologies. The company proposes an integrated offer of technologies and market-leading solutions tailored to customer needs promoting the transition toward more electric, digital, decarbonized, and decentralized energy. Its mission contributes to meeting the energy challenge in its ecosystem: keeping global warming under a 2°C limit while achieving improved operational efficiency.

Schneider Electric is strategically committed to sustainable development globally and in Canada.

In Alberta, Schneider Electric™ is playing a key role in the construction of North West Redwater Partnership’s (NWRP) Sturgeon Refinery. The world-class bitumen refinery will add significant value to the bitumen resources industry by using the most environmentally conscious processes to minimize waste and emissions. Schneider Electric is a major contributor in helping this refinery deliver up to 30% in energy savings and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 1,410,000 metric tonnes. That is the same environmental impact that 300,000 cars would have in one year. As the global specialist in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric is at the forefront of providing innovative and comprehensive sustainability solutions—encompassing hardware, software and service —to the most resource-intensive industries, sectors, and supply chains across the planet. Schneider Electric is helping Alberta achieve its goals of becoming a global energy leader, an energy technology champion, and a solid, global environmental citizen.

Canada is an ideal place to invest in sustainable energy solutions. “We are well recognized around the world for what we do in the area of sustainability—microgrids, solar generation, storage, and everything involved in innovating and deploying a decentralized grid,” noted Macias.

The company opened the Schneider Electric Smart Grid Lab at Ryerson University’s Centre for Urban Energy to work with local university talent—developing ways to build a smarter electricity grid for Canada.

“Canada’s university infrastructure, immigration policies, and proximity to the US are all very important factors in attracting the best and brightest talents from many places around the world,” said Macias.

Schneider Electric believes the access to energy is a fundamental human right for everyone on this plant, and that climate change is probably the biggest challenge of our generation. Together with customers and partners, it is addressing these challenges using innovative technologies and sustainable solutions in order to contribute to an energy efficient and greener future, ensuring Life is On everywhere.