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Québec International Economic Development Agency

Twenty-four Straight Years of GDP Growth: How does Québec Swing it?

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    “For us, the US market is the key in terms of supporting our companies’, and thus, our region’s growth. ”
    Carl Viel, President & CEO, Québec International Economic Development Agency

Québec International Shares its Integrated Approach to Bolstering the Province’s Healthy Economy

Québec not only enjoys the substantial international investment benefits of Canada as a whole, it takes it to the next level.

The region has the lowest unemployment rate, the most educated workforce, and the highest GDP, but beyond this, “Québec is the only region in Canada that actually saw its GDP grow for 24 years in a row,” explained Québec International Economic Development Agency President and CEO, Carl Viel. “We are expecting to grow again this year, which would make 25 years of growth.”

Renowned for the excellent service it provides, and its role in helping to fuel this growth, Québec International has been consistently awarded a place in the “Top Canadian Economic Development Groups.” The agency’s unique integrated approach is one of the region’s secrets to developing a strong and growing economy based on innovation and high knowledge.

The agency works within six mandate areas to contribute to the region and enhance its international status:

Business Corridors with the US

Québec International’s team works across different sectors, but they all have the same objective: promoting economic development in the Québec City metropolitan region. Bolstering trade and investment with the US is a strategic priority for the region. As such, the agency offers turn-key business services for investors and US affiliates seeking to expand in the region by facilitating access to government initiatives, funding, and soft-landing space.

“We have over 120 affiliates from the US that are located in the region,” explained Viel. “It’s easy for companies to expand established US markets to Canada.”

The agency also has a team of dedicated professionals supporting Quebec business’ expansion and sales and marketing integration in the US market. Unique partnerships with organizations in Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, and California have already taken shape, accelerating the growth of bi-national business initiatives.

Announcing Construction Industry Toolbox

Seeking to increase awareness of Québec City’s innovative building material manufacturers to US architects and specifiers, the agency developed—in collaboration with industry leaders—QUEBOX. This new initiative aims to increase knowledge of Québec products and ultimately US market presence.

Concluded Viel, “For us, the US market is the key in terms of supporting our companies’, and thus, our region’s growth.”