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Creating Safe Solutions to Complex Problems

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    “Our Canadian team is unparalleled in providing advanced safety solutions in Canada and abroad.”
    Peter Senez, Executive Vice President, Jensen Hughes

JENSEN HUGHES Leads the Way in Fire Protection, Safety Engineering, and Risk Assessment

Founded in 1980, JENSEN HUGHES is a global leader in fire protection and safety engineering with a reputation for unparalleled technical expertise in a wide range of industries from industrial hazards to transportation. Collaborating with project stakeholders, construction companies and architectural firms, JENSEN HUGHES offers safety-related consulting services in all phases of a project lifecycle, from design to construction.

In addition, JENSEN HUGHES works with companies interested in incorporating code-compliant green technology and sustainable design in their building projects, such as natural ventilation systems, fire department building access, and the use of reclaimed water for fire protection.

Quantifying Risk

Responding to constantly evolving technological advancements across all industries, JENSEN HUGHES is at the forefront of risk assessment and mitigation, providing safety testing and training as well as data-driven analytics and forensics after a fire or facility accident. These services are critical for the company’s Canadian and multinational energy clients working with oil and gas, mining, and nuclear power.

Executive Vice President of Canadian Operations at JENSEN HUGHES, Peter Senez, commented, “We are active in nuclear safety internationally and we are working to build up that area in Canada.” The company, which is headquartered in the US, but takes pride in maintaining local expertise throughout its offices worldwide, has seven offices in Canadian cities, (Vancouver, Richmond, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax).

Working with clients that deal with fire explosion risks and other hazards, JENSEN HUGHES’ role is to come up with safe solutions to complex problems. “There is a trend in our industry to rethink how we approach risk and better quantify it. One of the challenges is that the risks and the expectations need to be tied together so that we can deliver solid engineering work, quantify the risks, and have stakeholders understand what those risks are,” stated Senez.

Experts in Safety Codes and Regulations

JENSEN HUGHES regularly works on large-scale, complex projects such as airports, and its engineers are experts in building regulations and fire codes. As a member of regulatory organizations—including the International Code Council (I-Codes) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)—the company’s engineers actually help create regulatory construction and fire codes.

Senez added, “We are known for our ability to analyze building safety codes and come up with compliant strategies and safety approaches for our clients.” Senez is optimistic about the company’s expanding presence in Canada, as its highly skilled engineers continue to tackle challenging projects nationwide.