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Invest in Alberta

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    “Now is the time to invest in Alberta with its robust innovation and commercialization pipeline, and strong research and education systems. From here, you can easily connect directly to major North American markets and the rest of the world. Our business-friendly environment and abundant resources present a wealth of opportunity for investors in many sectors.”
    Gitane De Silva, Senior Alberta Representative to the United States

Invest in Alberta, Invest in the Future

Alberta leads Canada in GDP growth, employment, and in the increase of exports and investments. The per capita private investment in the region doubles the national average. Low corporate and personal taxes and innovative business initiatives make Alberta one of the most attractive locations for investments in all of North America.

Today, Alberta is setting the stage for long-term prosperity by taking measured and strategic action across industries throughout the region.

Leading Across Industries

With oil and gas being the largest contributor to Alberta’s GDP, Alberta is Canada’s energy province. While there are many investment opportunities in this sector, Alberta also offers a wide variety of opportunities, including petrochemicals, construction products and technologies, engineering, agribusiness, manufacturing, and more.

The province continues to lead the way in the energy sector by investing in renewable energy sources, while continuing to strategically develop traditional energy resources.

Job Plan for a Resilient Economy

The Alberta Jobs Plan was created to leverage existing strengths in business and resources to promote diversification and strengthen the economic future. The plan includes not only government investment in infrastructure and education, but also a variety of tax credits and sector-specific initiatives to encourage new job creation.

Power in the Population

Alberta again leads the way with the youngest and fastest growing demographic in Canada. The work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit of the region is widely recognized, and these elements are a keystone to investing an Alberta.

The Education and Training portion of the Jobs Plan not only calls for new and modernized schools, but also apprenticeship programs, workplace training, job training grants for businesses, and a highly acclaimed Summer Temporary Employment Program to utilize public funds for employers to hire students in summer placements. This program will build on existing strengths in Alberta—already 65% of the labor force holds university degrees or technical training certificates.

Alberta’s success is no accident, and fostering continued strength is a priority. Continued cross-industry innovation will ensure that the province’s investment ecosystem will continue to thrive.