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Futurpreneur Canada

More Than a Push in the Right Direction

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    “Futurpreneur gives young people the confidence, capital and connections they need to launch successful businesses across Canada.”
    Julia Deans, CEO

Futurpreneur Makes Business Dreams a Reality for Thousands of Young Canadians

Futurpreneur Canada is changing the way young Canadians enter the business world. A thriving nonprofit organization, Futurpreneur has successfully helped more than 10,000 18- to 39-year-olds launch more than 8,000 new Canadian businesses since 1996—almost 1,100 in the last year alone.

The organization’s success stories are abundant and serve as proof of the organization’s passion to carry out its mission. From Kamlesh Lal’s music notetaking app “Notetracks” to Lily Tse’s “Think Dirty Inc.” app that helps users find cosmetics with natural ingredients, the success stories are inspiration that—with a little financing and mentorship—young Canadian entrepreneurs can turn their interests into successful startups.

Futurpreneur partners with similar organizations around the world to help its Canadian entrepreneurs build networks for their business. The organization is a founding member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance.

Providing Services for Business Success

The support and services Futurpreneur provides has led its clients to a noticeably higher success rate compared to those attempting to launch businesses without resources and a support network. CEO Julia Deans gave EVP the inside scoop, explaining how the organization’s network of 3,000 mentors guide budding entrepreneurs through their new business ventures. “We also give them up to $45,000 in non-collateral financing. This combination of a strong business plan, financing, and a mentor gives them a really solid start,” Deans added.

One of Futurpreneur’s most popular resources is its interactive Business Plan Writer. The tool, which allows users to create and customize a well-structured business plan and provides sample business plans for different industries, has been used by more than 70,000 people.

Futurpreneur Gives a Boost to Immigrant, Minority, and Women Entrepreneurs

The organization strives to expand its impact, and has helped small, Indigenous communities in Northwest British Columbia launch businesses in rural areas through the ThriveNorth program. Supporting minorities is a priority for Futurpreneur, and it is proud that 40% of the entrepreneurs it works with are women. In addition, Futurpreneur provides mentoring and support to rising business owners who don’t have an established credit history. Find out more here.