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Let Québec’s Business Law Specialists Do the Networking for You

A Leading Liason

In just over 22 years, BCF Business Law has grown from an enterprising team of nine people into one of Québec’s top five law firms. Consisting of more than 200 lawyers, trademark agents, and patent agents, the firm maintains close ties with Canadian and international banks, accounting firms, investors, venture capital funds, private equity funds, and public servants, enabling the firm to seek top counsel for its clients.

As an active member of the Meritas network—a global alliance of business law firms—and other international associations of lawyers and industry groups, BCF takes pride in its strong position as a leading liaison. It connects international businesses looking for opportunities in Québec with players in various industries that are part of BCF’s wide network.

Looking Out for Startups

Since it was established, BCF has been firmly rooted in Québec’s innovative business community. Partnering with various university technology transfer organizations, incubators, and accelerators throughout Québec, BCF is an integral component of this vibrant ecosystem.

BCF sees enormous potential in the entrepreneurial spirit of the younger generation and has been a steadfast supporter of the Québec startup scene. BCF’s Managing Partner, Mario Charpentier, elaborated, “We are there from the very beginning for the startups. We provide guidance, assistance, and vision and we are not afraid to take risks.”

It is in that spirit that BCF launched its startup mentorship program, BCF Imagine, last March. The program’s dedicated startup team will support and assist innovative businesses with various aspects of their operation’s early stages. For businesses prepared to tackle the next step, their growth management specialists will make every effort to ensure that they reach their full potential.

In fact, entrepreneurship and innovation are two key words in BCF’s market strategy. Since its inception, BCF has partnered with many innovative technology companies and recently sponsored the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program, which highlights and supports emerging tech startups from “Companies to Watch” to “Faster Growing Companies.”

The Dream Team for Mid-Market Companies

The firm’s legal expertise includes critical areas such as mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, private equity, tax, labor law, litigation, patent and trademark strategies, as well as business immigration and employee mobility, to name just a few. The firm is a notable player in the biotech and technology industries and believes its strength lies in helping mid-market companies reach the next level.

Crossing the Border with Your business?

André Ryan, Head of BCF Litigation and co-leader of the Class Action Defense Strategic Team, explained how BCF can help US businesses: “We understand the difference between US Laws and Canadian/Quebec Laws as well as the differences in trends and markets and are able to render Quebec business market particularities seamless for American investors, lenders, acquirers, and others. That’s our motto. You’re going to feel like you’re operating in the US, but with advantages—like low corporate tax rates and a very strong workforce.”

Specifically speaking to the Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture Capital, and Private Equity sides, many of BCF’s senior partners are involved in the US market, representing US clients. BCF’s implication in the American Bar Association—namely in the Business Law Section, the Mergers and Acquisition Committee, and the Canadian Private Target Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Points Study—is a distinguishable asset for its clients.

BCF also works with European companies, and helps facilitate multilateral business relationships between the United States, Canada, and Europe. With a robust venture capital specialist team, BCF regularly attracts professionals interested in diversifying their investments in a competitive market. Ryan stated, “For Europeans, we are a gateway to America, and for Americans, we are a gateway to the European Union.”

BCF’s team is knowledgeable and business savvy, exemplified in our interview with Mario Charpentier, who is one of the six founders of BCF. “There’s certainly no barrier on our side of the frontier. We’re open for business,” Charpentier concluded.

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    “You’re going to feel like you’re operating in the US, but with advantages like low corporate tax rates and a very strong workforce.”
    André Ryan, Lawyer, Partner and Head of BCF Litigation Team
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    “We are there from the very beginning for the startups. We provide guidance, assistance, and vision and we are not afraid to take risks.”
    Mario Charpentier, Managing Partner, BCF Business Law

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