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Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Canada

Creating Win-wins Across the Board

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    “Our mission is to create a business and regulatory climate that recognizes and rewards our members' contributions to our social, economic and environmental quality of life.”
    John D. Gamble, CET, P.Eng;, President and CEO

ACEC, The Voice of Canadian Consulting Engineering

More than 100,000 Canadians owe their livelihood to the business of consulting engineering. The gross revenues of such firms contribute more than $28.4 billion to the Canadian economy every year and the industry boasts an increasing number of engineering firms that are able to compete successfully at the international level, making Canada the second-largest exporter of engineering services in the world.

From designing efficient buildings and bridges to resource development and environmental stewardship, the 400 companies of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Canada (ACEC) provide independent consulting, engineering, and other science-related services to the public and private sectors.

John Gamble, a licensed professional engineer, former Senior Advisor to an Ontario cabinet minister, and now President and CEO of ACEC, explained to EVP the company’s mission: to create a business and regulatory climate “that creates win-wins for clients, tax payers, community and business stakeholders, and consulting engineers through sound contributions to our social, economic, and environmental quality of life.”

A History of Sustainability

Sustainable project performance is now a driver for the consulting engineering industry across the globe and Canadian engineers are meeting this ethical obligation head on. After all, the credibility of the consulting engineering industry outside of Canada rests in part on the solid performance of innovative sustainable projects inside the country. As an advocate for the consulting engineering industry, ACEC understands the importance of engaging with policy experts and decision makers to deliver work solutions that offer both strategic value and sustainability. This advocacy has led to significant government measures encouraging and supporting environmental sustainability with regard to infrastructure investment. EVP’s takeaway: Gamble and the member organizations of the ACEC will continue to create win-wins for Canadians and consulting engineers worldwide.