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Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary

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Why Canada? Why now?

Our curiosity got to us. In addition to the global press Canada has been attracting due to its progressive leadership over the past couple of years (we tip our hat to Trudeau), EVP has taken note of the head-turning rankings in education, tourism, entrepreneurship, and overall quality of life that our historically wall-flowered continent-mate up north has been raking in.

We decided to dive deeper.

For our business readership in the United States and abroad, we also recognize that Canada is one of the most advantageous environments in the world to start or do business (tax incentives, trade freedom, ease of immigration, low cost of living, cultural inclusivity, and more).

Since Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a confederacy this year , we set out to interview 150 influential thought leaders in the country—from change-makers in government, to CEOs of leading-edge companies, to startup and social entrepreneurs and luminaries.

We thought if we could form a conversation around the trends and forecasts in innovation, business, tech, tourism, investment, education, and creativity bubbling up in this hotbed country and use our report as a new platform, we could spark some ideas and stoke the fires to foster more collaboration, opportunities, and breakthroughs.

And hopefully generate smarter, cleaner, faster insights, and possibly solutions to global questions.



  • Elizabeth Dusch
  • Michelle Titus
  • Andria Wold

International Correspondents

  • Brittney McQuesten
  • Karine Bah Tahé
  • Lauren Tilley

Editor & Contributing Writer

  • Colette Hannahan

Contributing Writers

  • Megan Brinkman Woida
  • Lea Cohen
  • Katie Dwyer
  • Jenn Kistler-McCoy
  • Liz Shemaria
  • Heather Ware

Project Managers

  • Dana Aube
  • Claire Marshall

Managing Coordinator

  • Sherill Vazquez


  • Gladys Agtuca
  • Noelle Torcende